Taking positive steps

We provide safe, secure living space for women when they need it the most.

A homeless shelter provides short-term accommodation; a roof over your head. We can be the next step towards a brighter future. We aim to provide a longer-term solution to help women move away from life-controlling issues.

Homelessness, addiction, family breakdowns and relationship problems are often the symptoms of underlying issues. Lack of confidence, low self-worth and past trauma can all lead to self-destructive behaviours.

We work with each of our residents to help them understand and identify these issues, allowing them to work through them. We help the women who stay with us to address these issues by providing ongoing support; helping to find a sense of purpose, and establishing a positive outlook for the future. 

Part of the family

We try to foster an environment of love and acceptance. When women to Open Arms, we want them to connect with those around them and become part of our extended family. We treat each other with mutual respect, honesty and care.

Our residential home is just that – a HOME. It’s a place for women to stay for as long as they need to. A place where they can feel cared for and supported.

Many homeless women have distanced themselves from their own families. Living in a house with women who have shared experiences gives each individual chance to form meaningful relationships and learn to trust others.

Health and Happiness

Our first priority is the physical health and mental wellbeing of the women in our care. We ensure that our residential home is completely free of drugs and alcohol. We encourage our residents to eat healthily and take gentle exercise where possible.

In terms of emotional and spiritual wellbeing, all of our activities are underpinned by Christian values. We take part in daily devotions and worship. However, we do accept women of all faiths, sexualities and circumstances.

Our staff are there to support our women when they’re at their most vulnerable. We want to help our women to regain independence and can help them to do that by signposting them to relevant external agencies; from housing support, to learning new skills and finding employment.

By connecting with other residents and the local community, engaging in group activities and taking part in our Christian worship, they can find stability and happiness in their lives. Find out more by getting in touch with our home coordinator.