Women’s Residential Home

We set up our women’s residential home in 2020. Our aim is to help vulnerable women. Women who have been affected by homelessness or domestic violence and feel like they have nowhere else to go. 


A shared living experience

Living as part of our women’s residential home means becoming part of our community. We’re here to help and support these women for as long as it takes.

All of the women who stay with us are expected to take part in group activities; morning devotions, chores and evening activities such as movie nights. 

We try to keep a consistent structure to our days; giving our residents stability and routine. A typical day will involve getting up at 8am for breakfast, taking part in our Christian devotions and finishing the morning by completing our chores. Chores are allocated on a rota and we find that giving a manageable amount of responsibility helps to build confidence and independence.

In the afternoons we focus on group activities that give the women in our care the opportunity to learn new skills. These might include cooking skills, crafting or photography, or gentle exercise such as a walk or yoga.

We also hold mentoring sessions to prepare each of our residents for living unsupported when they leave. We try to help them to budget and manage money, find accommodation and access support services. 

We all prepare the evening meal together and most women choose to spend our evenings in the house together. We have a strict curfew at 10pm and are generally in bed for 11pm.

Our work is grounded in the Christian faith. We accept referrals of women from a range of different backgrounds, but we ask that they take part in our daily devotions. We believe that we can make a difference, with God by our sides.