Partner With Us

Open Arms Homes aim to provide a safe, loving and supportive environment for homeless and vulnerable women predominantly in Yorkshire, but also from across the UK. As well as offering an immediate solution to homelessness, we will offer a home and access to therapy for as long as our women want to be on that journey.

By working in collaboration with appropriate governmental and non-governmental organisations and ministries, we aim to provide choice and the best standard of care and support. This collaborative network may also provide cross border referrals for residents who may benefit from being located outside their immediate area.

We also believe working positively with the community and local churches will increase awareness, provide mutual support and a spirit of belonging, and possibly create opportunities for community based social enterprise. It will also facilitate integration of women into the church, should they want this.

If you would like to become part of our network to make a difference to the lives of our women, please contact us.