Our Trustees bring a wealth of passion, determination and knowledge to Open Arms Homes, a non-profit charitable organisation, limited by a Guarantee company. We like to be as transparent as possible with our investors and referral partners. Our trustees hold us accountable for the fundraising and work that we do.

Rafiat Adekunle

Co-founder and Director
Towards the end of a long and successful career in Medicine, God put a desire and a vision into Rafiat’s heart to create a refuge home for women in need. He wanted her to provide a place of love, where abused women could meet Him, find themselves, and undertake their journey to independence. And so Rafiat’s own journey began – bringing to life her own and God’s long-held desire.

Debo Adekunle

Co-Founder and CEO

Debo, Rafiat’s husband, also has a long and successful career in medicine. He started out as a Hospital Doctor, then fifteen years ago became a GP and is now a partner in a practice in Wombwell, Barnsley. He has spent his whole career caring for people, a vocation which often involves working with and caring for the most vulnerable within society.

Debo wholeheartedly shares Rafiat’s passion to help, protect and support homeless and vulnerable women, and provide them with the opportunity to rebuild their lives. His role right now is to support Rafiat, in whatever way he can, to bring her vision to life. He has complete heart in what she is doing, believing firmly in her and God’s desire.

Debo hopes to retire at some stage in the near future to take on the role of CEO on a full time basis. With his enthusiasm for looking after people, he will take responsibility for managing the business elements of the organisation, as well as working alongside Rafiat to keep progressing her vision of the future.

Stephen Hodgson

Chair of Trustees
Stephen is a former senior Police Officer with West Yorkshire Police. He retired in 2008, after 30 years’ service in West Yorkshire, to concentrate on his voluntary work within the various ministries of his local Church. He is currently part of the leadership team of Dewsbury Gospel Church, Branch Christian School and Branch Christian Radio Station at Dewsbury. He is married and has two daughters, all of whom are involved with serving the community in one way or another.

Stephen brings a wealth of experience to Open Arms, having established numerous charities alongside his work in the Public Sector domain, as well as serving on the Board of the church for over 20 years. He is currently the Chair of Trustees of Dewsbury Gospel Church and a trustee of Branch FM radio station.

His work through the church has given him a heart for trying to help make the lives of homeless and vulnerable people better. He believes his calling as a Christian is to be involved in helping those in need, which is why he feels so passionately about this role within Open Arms Homes. 

Minister Olawunmi Biriyok


Olawunmi is an experienced Lawyer by profession and a Minister of God by Divine Calling. She holds a BSc Degree in International Studies and an LLB Hons from University of London. She ran her own Law Practice from 1999-2012, at which point she was called to Ministry. She is a multi-award-winning Author of several Christian inspirational books including ‘Walk the Walk’ and  ‘The Manual for Righteous Living’. She is a seasoned Conference/Seminar Speaker and Trainer on Christian Leadership skills and values. She is also the Caretaker of One-2-Three Worthy Living Ministries.

Olawunmi has advised and assisted numerous Churches on legal issues and currently holds a voluntary role of Safeguarding Officer for Children and Vulnerable Adults at her local parish. She chaired the Sole Practitioners Group of England and Wales (2010-2011) and was the Honorary Secretary of the South London Law Society of England and Wales.

She explains “I am all for the welfare and benefit of humanity and the purpose of Open Arms Homes is in line with the same. I shall endeavour to ensure that we, the Trustees, stay on course.”

Minister Biriyok and her husband, Casimir, live in the United Kingdom, with their four children.