The women in our homes will participate in communal living as well as training, counselling and other services which have been identified and designed to enhance their chances of achieving sustainable, fulfilling and independent living. There will be a range of activities offered to help them on this journey, and we expect our women to commit their time and efforts in undertaking their agreed programme. In doing so, we will help them discover their purpose, develop a skill or trade or get a job.

As part of God’s family, we take part in daily devotions and worship. Although this will not be compulsory, we ask our women to respect our religious beliefs and keep an open mind to welcoming God into their lives.

As our women near the end of their journey with us, we will support them in getting appropriate move-on accommodation when they leave the project, as well as offering a supervised internship and mentorship program for those who wish to stay on as volunteers or employees within the organisation.

Although we will not provide drug or substance misuse rehabilitation, we will help our residents to access and sustain the treatment they require for substance misuse and mental health problems. We intend to act as a bridge between detoxification/rehabilitation and transition to normal life. We will do this by providing the necessary care and support to prepare them for rehabilitation, the continuing support during rehabilitation and a home to come back to after rehabilitation.

There will be 24 hours staff support in our homes and staff will be trained to help the women in our care address issues related to homelessness, domestic abuse and other forms of abuse. Each resident will have an allocated key support worker with regular contact. The key worker will work in collaboration with the individual to formulate a personalised support plan, which will be regularly reviewed to ensure we give them the necessary support required to achieve their self-identified goals.